Battery Management Products

AQ105: Secondary Battery Charger controller

The AQ105 is a low cost secondary-side controller for off-line switching battery chargers. The AQ105 implements a constant Voltage/Constant Current loop that interfaces to the primary side via optocoupler.
Download AQ105 datasheet [PDF] and applications note [PDF]

AQ120: Linear Battery Charger Controller

AQ120: LDO Controller

The AQ120 is a low cost linear battery charger controller with similar features to the industry standard "1734" style controller, but with the extra ability to charge multiple cell Lithium Ion batteries as well as NiCad types up to 18 volts. Both output voltage and charge current are programmable with a minimum of external components.

The AQ120 can also be used to control a PNP or PMOS device as a low dropout regulator controller. A separate datasheet is available for use in this application. (The parts and electrical specifications are identical, only terminology differs in the description of the part and its applications.),

Download the AQ120 datasheet for Chargers[PDF],
the AQ120 battery charger application note [PDF]
or the AQ120 datasheet for LDO controller[PDF]