Acutechnology Products

Reference Products

AQ102 600 mV Reference/amplifier
AQ4041 1.225V Micropower Shunt Reference
AQ431L 1.24V Shunt Reference
AQ431R 2.5V Shunt Reference
AQ432 1.24V Shunt Reference

Linear Regulators

AQ104 Quik LDO
AQ111 PowerSOT™ SOT-23 1A Linear Regulator
AQ112 1A Linear Regulator with Ultra-low Dropout Voltage;
AQ1117 1A Linear Regulator
AQ1541 1A Linear Regulator with Sequencing
AQ533 500mA LDO with enable and reverse current protection
AQ8211 500mA ULDO with enable and reverse current blocking
BQ8211 300mA ULDO with enable
AQ120 LDO controller

Battery Management

AQ105 Secondary-Side Battery Charger Controller
AQ120 Linear Battery Charger Controller

Thermal Management

AQ200 120C Thermal Switch
AQ201 115C Thermal Switch
AQ265 Adjustable Hot/Cold Thermal Switch
AQ297 Programmable Thermal Switch

Current Regulators

AQ504 700uA Current Regulator Diode
AQ506 1.4mA Current Regulator Diode