About Acutechnology

Acutechnology Semiconductor, specializing in power management technologies, is focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing semiconductor products for industrial and consumer markets. Our core products are specialized devices addressing requirements in power management applications

Acutechnology has developed a range of patented technologies. Our Orthophase™ inductor technology is being exploited through the development of our very high frequency switching regulator chips. The QuikLDO™, and the AcuRef™ technologies are being developed into innovative new linear regulator products. These new products will allow our customers to reduce the size, component count, and cost of their power management circuits. These and other innovations from our R&D efforts will enable us to offer exciting new solutions to our customers.

Our staff is working to provide new and innovative solutions in this very cost-conscious marketplace. With decades of experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of analog products, we leverage our expertise with that of our manufacturing partners to provide solutions in all available technologies (bipolar, CMOS, bi-CMOS, BCD) while maintaining the highest levels of innovation, quality, and service. Our products are available in standard package outlines as well as custom packages that provide cost and performance advantages to our customers.

Acutechnology Semiconductor was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. Acutechnology is structured a fabless manufacturer, having access to a broad spectrum of technologies available from within our worldwide manufacturing infrastructure. Acutechnology applies its expertise to that of its manufacturing partners to maintain the highest levels of quality and service.

Acutechnology's commitment to quality encompasses all aspects our operation, from the product planning process through the use of ISO-certified manufacturing facilities. We believe firmly that our path to continued success lies in providing our customers with service, quality, and value by driving our vendor base to continually improve technology and quality levels.