Acutechnology Announces Precision Adjustable Dual Temperature Thermal Switch for Battery Protection

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 20 2007-- Acutechnology Semiconductor Inc., focused on entering the thermal management market, today launched the AQ265, a five terminal precision adjustable, low quiescent current, thermostat. The chip is specifically designed to protect batteries, in particular Li-ion chemistry, from charging or discharging outside of the safe temperature range. The AQ265 device provides an alarm at both cold and hot temperatures. The hot temperature trip point can be adjusted from temperatures of +40C to temperatures in excess of +100C. The cold temperature trip point can be adjusted from temperatures of -20C to +20C. Thermal hysteresis is internally programmed for both temperatures.The solution is ideal for accurate temperature protection. Its very low quiescent current makes it especially suited for battery packs where the trip temperatures have to be adjusted to any value with the use of a simple external resistor to ground. The AQ265 samples are currently available upon request.

“We believe that thermal management applications with specific focus in the area of battery thermal protection, are ripe for more integrated and yet flexible innovative solutions” said Wayne Luty Director of Business Development. “Typically a thermistor, reference, and comparator are used to sense temperature and make a decision when the temperature exceeds safe levels. The AQ265 is a simpler, more accurate and, most importantly, adjustable solution with dual temperature and a single output.”

For use in a wide variety of electronic applications, the AQ265 output is an open drain output that can drain up to 0.5mA when the threshold temperatures are reached. During normal operation of the system, VCC can be powered with any voltage from 2V to 16V, while drawing less than 25uA. The Over Temperature pin (open drain) is off (high impedance). As the temperature moves above the set points, the output will turn on and conduct to provide an alarm,or drive an active device with up to 0.5 mA sink capability. With VCC kept uninterrupted, the output will stay on until the temperature drops below the set point minus hysteresis. Output will then turn off and no longer conduct. It will turn on again only after the temperature exceeds the Set Point.

The AQ265 is featured in the common SOT23-5 package. For applications with stringent space requirements, the ultra small SC70 package is offered.

About Acutechnology

Acutechnology Semiconductor Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is dedicated to servicing the power management marketplace. With decades of experience in the design, manufacture, and marketing of analog products, Acutechnology is working to provide new and innovative solutions in this very cost-conscious marketplace. Acutechnology designs custom and standard product in a variety of semiconductor technologies. Using a global manufacturing infrastructure, Acutechnology combines its expertise to that of its manufacturing partners to maintain the highest levels of quality and service.

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